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  1. Darlene123

    My amazing tank wow

    Looks like the one in deep sea:angelic:
  2. Darlene123

    My nano tank

    My nano tank ^_^
  3. Darlene123

    What's the advantage of Lumini Aquarium Lights

    Hello everybody, this is Darleen from Lumini Aqua, we're a professional manufacturer of led aquarium lights. I'm glad to have the chance to introduce our lights to you on Reefsanctuary. :celebrate: 1. Wifi Intelligent Control on Windows, Android, iOS system We have released Windows, Android...
  4. Darlene123

    Hi! This is Darleen from Lumini Aqua!

    Hello everybody! This is Darleen from Lumini Technology Co.,Ltd, we supply high quality and innovative led aquarium lights, they have all nice features, wifi control on Windows, Android, iOS fixtures, full spectrum, 4 separate channel with timer and dimmer, simulating sunrise/sunset...