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  1. goldenmean

    Chicago Tank Tear Down. All Live Stock for sale!

    Im buying a new home so it is time to tear down my 55g tank that has been up for nearly 10 years. I am looking for new homes for all my Live Stock and Live Rock (From Tampa Bay Salt Water). The chalice that I have is the size of a dinner plate and I have several large colonies of different...
  2. goldenmean

    Hydnophora ID Confirmation

    I stopped by one of my LFS this afternoon and this blue beauty followed me home. The owner of the LFS called it a Hydro...........something or another but he said he may be wrong. I have spent some time with Julian Sprung`s Corals Reference Guide and some web research and I think I have a...
  3. goldenmean

    The 12g Nano-Phoenix Rises

    From the ashes of red Bubble Algae! My 12g custom nano (my 1st salt water tank) was just over 3 years old when the first red bubble appeared. It was cute and I liked the way it looked even as it grew into a small cluster of bubbles. A few months later they were not so cute and they...
  4. goldenmean

    Wrasse Fin Deterioration

    Hi Lee I have a Velvet wrasse (Cirrhilabrus Luteovittatus) who yesterday showed signs of deterioration on his tail fin, one of his pectoral fins, and maybe a little bit too on the dorsal fin. Wednesday when I came home he was out swimming to be fed as usual. I fed him some mysis and he ate a...
  5. goldenmean

    Shiba Inu Puppy Cam

    Yesterday I was reading the Huffington Post and the author of the article I was reading interrupted his story for a link to this site. It is just so adorable that you cant stop watching it. When the sound is on my dog, Dharma, couldn't figure out what was going on. I put it on full screen...
  6. goldenmean

    One Freakin Huge Clam

    I traveled out to a LFS in the near Burbs to pick up some dry goods. They had this clam that had to be at least a foot and a half long. It was just freakin huge!!!! The fox face was a camera hog! Not the best photos. Pics taken with my iphone.
  7. goldenmean

    My 2nd QT - Picasso Clowns.

    I have now had two inhabitants of the Quarantine tank now complete their 6 week stay. The Multicolor velvet wrasse was transfered to the Display tank on October 6th. Here are the first two fish swiming together in the DT The QT remain empty for a week during which time I wiped off the...
  8. goldenmean

    My 2nd QT - Wrasse

    Well on Friday the first inhabitant of the QT completed his 6 week stay and was moved to the DT. I also ordered a fish online for the first time. Today the Velvet Multicolor Wrasse (Cirrhilabrus Luteovittatus) aka Yellowstreaked Fairy Wrasse or Yellowband Wrasse. I bought him from The...
  9. goldenmean

    55G link in the Golden Chain celebrates 1 year

    Octoman gave me the idea for this year long tribute last month when his tank turned 1 year old. Thanks Mark. This is going to be a photo party :crowd: showing the transition of my 55g tank as it matured. For my birthday last year I got the Package from Tampa Bay Saltwater. The first part...
  10. goldenmean

    My Second Quarantine Tank

    Last winter I set up my-first-quarantine-tank Over the next couple of months I lost two different fish in the QT and at Leebca's reccomendation I decided to tear down the QT and clean it thoroughly. It remained dry for about 3 weeks while I seeded new sponges in my DT sump. In Early May I...
  11. goldenmean

    Actively Running Carbon in a Media Reactor

    I have just started to actively run carbon in my 55g system. I have a Two Little Fishies Phosban Reactor 150 being run my a maxi-Jet 600 pump. The reactor is hanging on the outside of my 15g sump. The maxijet is drawing water from the return section, pumping it to the carbon filled reactor...
  12. goldenmean

    Puffer Toxin Gone Bad!

    Pufferfish toxin suspect linked to murder-for-hire plot --
  13. goldenmean

    A Final Resting Reef

    :angel2: I just found this on and had to share.:craig: :angel3: A reefers cemetary:angel4: :angel1: For sea lovers, a final resting reef - :brothawolf:
  14. goldenmean

    Economic Stimulus and your Reef

    This week my economic stimulus check was deposited. I plan on putting a good chunk of it into my tank. I was wondering how the rest of RS is going do their part in stimulating the economy. Gitchy gitchy Goo Yesterday I ordered a media reactor (2 little fishes), a maxijet 600, and a...
  15. goldenmean

    SPS ID help please!

    After work yesterday I stopped at one of my LFS. This store usually has a lot of nice corals but currently he only has Saturday hours open to the public or by appointment. He mostly sets up and maintains tanks in businesses and homes. Any way I come home with two SPS. One is a blue acro...
  16. goldenmean

    Clam Acclimation ???

    I have 2 crocea arriving this morning From Divers Den and I have a question. Live aquaria's acclimation quidlines say that clams should never be exposed to air. Then I just read read a post that said clams are often found in tidal areas and exposure to air is not going to harm them if they are...
  17. goldenmean

    Algae ID (pic)

    I have a handful of chaeto in my DT. (I had no luck growing it in my sump) It is in a soap dish and hidden behind the LR. Tonight I went to rotate the chaeto and i saw this other algae. it is like bubble algae but it is not a round sphere. I caught a gorilla crab in the chaeto last week...
  18. goldenmean

    massive Florida power outage

    I am having lunch and CNN is on talking about a massive power outage in Central and Southern Florida. I immediately think of all the Reef tanks :help1: and all the RS reefers that must be sweating bullets waiting for the power to come back on. Im trying to send power to you all.:overhere...
  19. goldenmean

    Now this is an aquarium.

    For some reason I get this auction house catalog delivered at work. :oh: This was in it today and i had to share. Dentoid I think this would go well in your home. Red Baron's Antiques | Collectibles | Game Room | KD4294 Scott the auction is in Atlanta Feb. 23-24. :bouncer:
  20. goldenmean

    2(+) Year Retrospective of a 12g Nano

    Today, January 22, 2008 is the 2nd anniversary of the first first livestock being added to my 12g nano. Alonzo bought me this LFS custom built acrylic tank for me for Christmas 2005. Saltwater and sand were added before New Years. Then Live Rock was added Jan. 2nd. I cycled the tank with...