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  1. Floyd R Turbo

    Tank Journal – 125 Reef

    I started working on this tank about the same time I started working on the 125 FOWLR (incorrectly labeled a 135) in these threads: Tank Journal - 135 FOWLR - Aquarium Advice - Aquarium Forum Community Tank Journal - 135 FOWLR - Reef Central Online Community...
  2. Floyd R Turbo


    This was found on the back side of a couple pieces of LR in a customers tank. He turned both large rocks around this morning and found them. The look like they could be a sponge of some kind, any ideas about what they are exactly? We also found a few more smaller ones, if you can...
  3. Floyd R Turbo

    Tank Journal - 135 FOWLR

    I've started several threads on this and other forums with questions related to how to turn a customer's tank in a restaurant from an environment in which, IMHO, the fish are barely surviving, into one where they are happy and thriving. So, I decided to merge these various threads...
  4. Floyd R Turbo

    Need to raise pH, how fast is safe?

    I am working on a FOWLR tank for a friend, 135g w/15 sump so 150g system volume. The pH is 7.4 and KH is about 4 dKH, salinity 32 SG 1.0235 and it's SUPER dirty. No protein skimmer (he's got one on the way) and it's been running for about 3 years. Cyano all over the place. I am going to do a 40...
  5. Floyd R Turbo

    Reef tank w/Nitrates OVER 160ppm

    I posted this question on a couple other forums. I'm re-posting it here to get as much advice/opinions as possible. I would greatly appreciate any comments or suggestions!! I am working with the guy who I purchased my 92 corner from to help identify a problem with his 120g reef in his office...
  6. Floyd R Turbo

    Old to FW, new to SW

    Hey everyone. Been keeping FW for 20yrs on and off, just got a deal on a 92g corner and the guy I bought it from is going to let me assist in dealing with his 120g reef in his office. I'm on a couple other sites regarding his system and am going to post my questions here as well, I'm learning...