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  1. goldenmean

    Chicago Tank Tear Down. All Live Stock for sale!

    Im buying a new home so it is time to tear down my 55g tank that has been up for nearly 10 years. I am looking for new homes for all my Live Stock and Live Rock (From Tampa Bay Salt Water). The chalice that I have is the size of a dinner plate and I have several large colonies of different...
  2. goldenmean

    The 12g Nano-Phoenix Rises

    It's been awhile but the nano is still up and running. Nearly 9 years.
  3. goldenmean

    tampabay saltwater live rock

    I have used TBSW Package for my 55g tank and When I redid my 12g nano I used them again. I loved everything I got. Lots of hitchhikers. I was not scared off by the mantis shrimp. I got 3 of them with my big tank and another one with the nano. I gave one mantis away with the 55 and let...
  4. goldenmean

    Anyone tried out any add-on moonlights?

    I have two of them on my 55g! I think they are fantastic.
  5. goldenmean

    Happy birthday Goldenmean

    Its the same French Bulldog puppy but now we actually have him! This is Tatta!
  6. goldenmean

    Happy birthday Goldenmean

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Thank you all! I can tell you that Red Velvet cake and puppy kisses were involved!
  7. goldenmean

    The Nano is dead. Long Live THE 23!!!

    Congrats on the upgrade! You have the reefer disease, hee hee Now the 10g tank can become a sump!
  8. goldenmean

    Help Needed: how do we ship Urchins?

    You can find a short little plastic thermos at walmart/target or dollar stores. I have one that some ricordias were shipped in. It is about the size of a bowl of soup
  9. goldenmean

    A 55G link in the Golden Chain

    Hi Mark & B9! I will have to get a bigger skimmer for sure!
  10. goldenmean

    A 55G link in the Golden Chain

    Zo and I have found our next link in our golden chain. It doesnt go in the 55g tank but I am going to share it here anyway!! We have been looking for over a year and a half and this past weekend we found him. This is our new French Bulldog Puppy. We found him from a breeder in DC which we...
  11. goldenmean

    A 55G link in the Golden Chain

    Thanks for stopping by here too Dave & Tracy. I am really glad that the Picassos have moved into the Duncans. They are more active and fun to watch because they have a lot more coral to more in and out of. Barb I will see you in a couple of weeks!
  12. goldenmean

    The 12g Nano-Phoenix Rises

    Thank you both for the kind words. I really like this small tank that is located in my bedroom. I have blue led moonlights that makes for some nice ambient lighting. That serpent star is a lot smaller that the one in my big tank. The poor guy is missing one tentacle but it is growing back. I...
  13. goldenmean

    sambrinar's 75 gals office sanity

    They are so cute! happy firefish!
  14. goldenmean

    sambrinar's 75 gals office sanity

    :bigbounce firefish! very cool now where are those photos???:D its tomorrow already
  15. goldenmean

    Happy birthday Barb!