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    Red Sea S-400 lighting

    Hello I have a red sea max S-400 and looking to change my lighting. Anyone remove redsea light canopy and mount something else. If so pictures would be great.
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    HELP! Adding Atinic to S-400

    All I have a Red Sea S-400 with 3 AI 26 lights in the canopy. Been reading that adding a Atinic can really help in low level of the tank. Any ideas how one might accomplish it. I was thinking of adding a reefbrite and basically Velcro to canopy.
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    Help Stony Coral dying

    I appear to be having Stony Coral Tissue attack by stony corals. Started about two weeks ago when I noticed all of a sudden my of my Stony corals that had been healthy for years was dying. Each morning more of the coal was turning white. over a course of about a week I loss most and finally all...
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    Low absorption

    Hello I have a 100 gallon reef tank. Although my corals look fine they don’t seem to grow much and my absorption of calcium and Alkalinity is low. Presently they reading are Cal 425, Mag 1330, and Alk 10.25. All measure via trident and Cal and Alk reading confirmed with Hanna. Lights is 3 -...
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    Red Sea ReefLed 90 vs hydra 32

    All, I am looking to replace my existing lighting on my Red Sea Max S400. I presently have the hydra 26. I am debating between the new Red Sea ReefLed 90 and Hydra 32. I have not had any real issues with the 26 but from what I read there has been lots of improvement with the 32. Anybody have...
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    HELP! White spiderweb floating in reef tank

    I have a string line white filament/ spider web floating in my tank. Water is clear and coral seem happy. Alkalinity is 11.3, calcium 395 , mag 1350. Any idea what it is and how to get rid of. I recent removed an over grown coral and was wonder if it’s a stress reaction by the remaining portion...
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    Cloudy water

    I have a well establish tank and all of the sudden the water is not clear. In addition, I have noticed on some of the LPS that there is film like material (clear transparent almost like lint) hanging off the coral. Coral look fine. I'm am in the middle of resolving a running away doing pump...
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    RSM S400 Skimmer

    All, Purchased the new RS RSK-600 Reefer skimmer for my RSM S400. When I went to install I noticed that the old C Skim is sitting on a shelf. Per a responds for customer support I left the shelf in and placed the new Skimmer on top. The problem I am having is the water level isn't high enough...
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    Redsea Max S400 issue with fresh water float

    Hello, I have the S400 Red Sea Max. Its been in service basically since you first released it and has been outstanding. Recently I seem to have having a recurring issue where the freshwater float appears to stop delivering water on demand. I change the float but the problem re-appeared. I...
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    Maintaining sump level S400

    New Problem, I have a RSM S400 been working flawlessly since June 2013. Lately I seem to be have a small issue with the level adjustment in the sump. It seem to fluctuate. The fresh water tank seems to be working fine (that was my first guess). Anyone has similar experience? Only idea/guess I...
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    Red Sea Max main sump pump isue

    Going to start a new tread on a issue I am having to see if others are having similar problems. About every 3 to 4 months my sump pump will not restart after I do a water change. I traced the problem to a dirty/gummed up Impeller. Once I replace the impeller the pump works as normal. Not...
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    Miracle Mud

    Just received 5lb of Miracle mud and getting ready to add it to my Refugium. Looking for opinion on the product. My research indicates it does wonders but I am sure there are pro's and con's. I am also interest in know if anyone who uses it has turn off their skimmer. My intention is to place...
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    Aquaticlife RO/DI issues

    I just purchased the 200 GDP RO/DI by Aquatic life. Seems like a nice unit. Had some issues getting it to work but it now up and running. The one issue is that my total output of TDS is at 13-14 PPM not 0-1 PPM which is what I was expecting. My tap water is ~240 PPM and everything I read says...
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    Red Sea max Protein Skimmer issue - air intake

    Hello, I have two 130 RSM. One of the biggest maintenance issues I have is with the air intake for the Protein skimmer. Every few weeks I have to remove the skimmer and clean out the air intake as it is blocked with dried salt. This works about 3 or 4 times and finally the I have to replace...
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    Red Sea Max s 400 flow value maintenance

    Good Morning, I have two RSM 130 and I am looking at swapping them out for the new s400. Looks like a rock solid systems. One of my lesson learn over the years with RSM is to be prepared to change out virtually everything that comes in contact with salt on a somewhat regular basis. No...
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    Red Sea max 130D micorbubbles

    I am sure there are dozen of threads on this topic but felt it was easier to just start a new one. I have two RSM 130 (one is a 130D). they have been up and running for years. The 130d has a constant problem with microbubbles. I have confirmed it coming from the protein skimmer. If I turn it...
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    Problem with Power heads on RSM 130/130D

    I am running two RSM 130/130D. I have been running these tanks for 6 years without any major issues. I recently been having issues with the Power head not re-starting after I have turn them off during maintenance. In the past I have just swapped them out with new ones but that doesn't seem to...
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    Algae on Sand

    I have a 35 RSM tank that has been up and running for over 5 years. The tank is doing very well. All of the parameters are within Norm. The only problem I have is the sand bed continues to accumulate algae. I do water changes every week, clean the sand bed and a week later it back. Doesn't...
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    Sick Bubble coral

    I have a bubble coral. He has been in the tank for many years and always has done great until recently. For the last couple of weeks he has not open up hardly at all. All of my other Corals are doing great and I see no evidence of anyone bother him. My parameters have not changed and as a...
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    Red algae on Gravel

    I have a small amount of red algae appearing in one corner of the tank. All of the levels are fine and I have not noticed any algae anywhere else. I do water changes once a week and gravel vacuum every week. After the water change it takes about 3 or 4 days and it back and in the morning it's...