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    Red Sea Pro salt vs blue bucket salt review

    I’ve been using red sea salts from day 1 for my red sea max nano tank. I finished off a 22kg bucket of the coral pro salt and then switched to blue bucket salt and I’ve been using it for more than 1 year now. I started my tank as a LPS reef tank 2 years ago, I was very happy to use the pro...
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    Weekly maintenance of my Red Sea Max Nano

    Hope everyone is safe and enjoying your tank at home. I've put a lot SPS frags into my tank recently, so I had to add a dosing pump to keep up with the KH. I am dosing 4.0ml Ca, 10.2ml KH, 3.0ml Mg and 1.5ml Reef energy A&B daily. Like always, I perfer Red Sea products for the quality and...