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    24 Gal nano cube need a skimmer ?

    HI All, I have a 24 gal jbj nano cube, and I cant find a skimmer for it that will fit this tank. So My question is, can this tank run without a skimmer and still be healthy and happy ? It is a new setup and i am cycling it a the moment. Should I sell this tank and get the bigger 28...
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    SW Newbie

    Hi all! My name is Wade and I am emailing you from South Africa, I have spent some time on this site and find it very interesting and informative. I have 1 question and wonder if anyone could advise me. I am at the moment cycling a 24 gal JBJ nano cube. All it has in it is Coral...
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    Unknown Shrimp

    SORRY I MEANT UNKNOWN SHRIMP! my bad Hey all.. Just wondering if you could help me out.. My tank is 3 weeks old and I am still getting the water right so I have not stocked it as yet. it has one banded coral shrip 4 hermit crabs and a blue damzil 25 kg live rock had to put...
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    Newbie marine tank

    Hi all.... My first post. Just though I would say hi and to say that my First marine tank is 1 week and 2 days old. LOL Its got about 15 KGs of live rock 1 Banded Coral Shrip 4 hermit crabs 1 Blue Damzil now I have to get my water right. So its the waiting and water changing game at...