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  1. Pancho75

    Copperband Butterflyfish Advise

    Hello, I am looking to introduce a Copperband Butterflyfish to me reef, I really love their colors, it has been on my list forever. The LFS is currently holding the fish for me for 48 hours for me to decide whether I take it or not. I know some invertebrates may have some issue. I have two...
  2. Pancho75

    Worm I.D.

    I found this thing today in my sump, First time for my tank. Does anyone knows the type and if it good or bad? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Pancho75

    Pancho’s Reef S-500 Roller Coaster

    I must say I have seen very nice tanks and now I believe it is my time to share. I have been in the hobby since 2007 but it was with Fish Only nanos until 3 years ago when I decided to go for SPS and LPS, started in my 70 L nano and since May 2017 I upgraded to the S-500. I must say it worth...