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  1. fidojoe

    My 40 gallon reef

    And a bonus pic of my cleaner shrimp manicure.
  2. fidojoe

    My 40 gallon reef

    Hey All, I figured I'd post an update... The tank has had water in it for 2 months and 2 days. I've come to realize that I'm not the most patient when it comes to adding stuff- both equipment and livestock. Livestock updates: I had a mishap a few weeks ago with a BTA that didn't look so hot...
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    RODI options

    So I am kicking around the idea of getting an RODI unit to save myself the hassle of hauling 5 gallon bottles to get refilled. I'm torn, though. I like the idea of the MaxCap system with all of the bells and whistles, but the price seems a little absurd at $100+ over other options. I also wonder...
  4. fidojoe

    Shipping fish and coral from Hawaii

    My guess would be no... they don't let you carry on any container that's larger than a few ounces. I suppose you might be able to check it as luggage, but I'm not sure.
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    I knew better

    OK, so I have to rant... This is no one's fault buy my own. I should've known better. I bought a GBTA from a Phoenix LFS yesterday against my better judgement. I basically spent $45 to prove that my bubble magus curve 5 is awesome, and make my house smell like hot trash. The anemone looked OK...
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    My 40 gallon reef

    I remember this from my old system. I had 2 huge toadstools (8-10" each), both sitting in close proximity to the sps. I ran carbon constantly, which I think is what helped to make it work. I'm doing the same now. I am in the process of setting up a flow thru system for the carbon, like I used...
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    My 40 gallon reef

    These were the frags that I got at the reef club meeting: And these were a couple recent purchases from the LFS: Also, and update on my toadstool leather, it seems to be quite happy:
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    My 40 gallon reef

    I still need to buy a couple more test kits, but I've been using a set of Seachem kits to monitor the basics, I stopped testing ammonia last week, since I haven't seen any measurable free or total ammonia since the middle of the first week the tank was set up. pH is holding steady at 8.2, Alk is...
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    My 40 gallon reef

    Good news!!! The aqualifter came today (thanks to Amazon & 1-day shipping), and it actually works pumping thru the kalk reactor! At a much more consistent speed, too! I'm pretty happy with this solution, since I was only planning on running the aqualifter as a backup with RO water only if I ran...
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    My 40 gallon reef

    Update... Sump is up and running. I bought a couple big zoanthid rocks from my LFS. They were pretty cheap, and added a nice spash of color. When I was at the LFS, they also had two potter's angels. I realize it was probably not the most wise decision I've ever made, but I purchased...
  11. fidojoe

    Wresse fiah

    Do you ever hear any unexplained popping noises coming from your tank? It could be a mantis or pistol shrimp hiding in the rock structure, and your wrasse was unlucky enough to try and hide near the shrimp's home. That's only one of numerous hypotheses that could explain a hole in its side, and...
  12. fidojoe

    3 triggers 1 tank

    I knew someone years ago who kept a 90 FOWLR with a niger trigger, humu humu, a lion, and a snowflake eel. They seemed to be fine together. Snails and hermits didn't stand a chance in that tank tho. I also vaguely remember seeing an urchin in the tank, too.
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    Snail ID, please

    This guy came off some zoanthids that I bought today... It's in my sump for safe keeping until proven innocent. The PVC is ¾", for size reference.
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    I am looking for a critter with very specific needs.

    I used to have a massive brittle star, it was a reddish colored criss cross pattern. It was pretty cool to watch at night. I rarely saw more than the tip of a leg sticking out when feeding during the day, but at night he was out and about. I think he was more of a scavenger, as I know for a fact...
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    My 40 gallon reef

    So I kinda had an 'eff-it' moment today, and ordered a Bubble Magus Curve 5 and the Hydor ATO controller. I'm really excited that I will basically have all of the equipment that I want at the moment, and I should have it ready to set up this weekend. A few new things arrived today, too. I...
  16. fidojoe

    Death of father, and lack of time on forums.....

    ALS is a nasty thing to deal with. It's heartbreaking hearing about people suffering through it, and bittersweet when they don't have to suffer anymore. I'm so sorry to hear about your father, my deepest condolences to you and your family. Also, kudos to you for trying to keep a positive...
  17. fidojoe

    My 40 gallon reef

    OK, so I ordered some things, and made some decisions... I was wanting to upgrade the tank to a reef-ready 65g. At this point, I have decided that a 65g is only going to give me more volume, and not really any extra real-estate. I don't have huge plans for fish in addition to my clowns...
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    Equipment wish list

    Thanks Dave! I have put a lot of thought into several of the options, and I have been referencing the things I have done/had in the past as a guide for what I liked and didn't like. Clearance height was a big issue, and I made sure that I will have 11" above the top of the sump before I hit...
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    Equipment wish list

    Hey All, A lot has changed with equipment since I was last doing this. I am creating my equipment wish list and I am hoping to get some people to weigh in based on their experiences... Sump- I'm building a sump out of a 20H tank. I am going to partition it with some flexibility, but it's going...
  20. fidojoe

    I have another mystery Coral

    Nepthea was going to be my guess. The nepthea I used to have was pink on the underside, and bright green on the areas with direct light exposure. That would make sense with the colors that this has shown. Also, when I used to frag mine or have to cut it free to move it, it did look similar to...