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  1. reefnut

    Hair algea!!!ugh

    I use Kent Marine Tank Clarifier. It cleared up my tank in about 2 weeks. You still need to find the source of your problem. When I first got into the hobby, I used tap water and was over feeding the tank. Tank tested out good, but I still got hair algae. Now I use purified water and...
  2. reefnut

    Rainbow Acans Trimming in NY!!!

    Payment sent.
  3. reefnut

    Basic water purification questions by newbie

    check this out. something to think about. Tap Water Filter (Aquarium Pharmaceuticals)
  4. reefnut

    Is this a good RO/DI system?

    this is what i have uesed for years. there is no waste water to deal with or higher water bills, and a filter last a long its cheap. Tap Water Filter (Aquarium Pharmaceuticals)
  5. reefnut

    anybody ever use this system for ATO?

  6. reefnut

    anybody ever use this system for ATO?

    anybody know of any good sites for custom acrylic makers? thks
  7. reefnut

    anybody ever use this system for ATO?

    Dave the Tunze osmolators look nice, but pricey without the container.
  8. reefnut

    anybody ever use this system for ATO?

    clownfish where can i get a custom 10 gal acrylic box for have price?
  9. reefnut

    Hello everyone

    :thumber: Welcome To Rs John
  10. reefnut

    which is a good wrasse

    mystery wrasse will eat your shimp snails and crabs. the trick is to make sure you feed them well, but anything introduce after him such as cuc will most likely be eaten. that's the way it is with mine.
  11. reefnut

    anybody ever use this system for ATO?

    hey BigAL I really like the way it looks too, and it has some really good features + its plug it play. I have quite a bit of coin in the stand and canopy. thats why I am willing to put more money in to it, cause I want the inside to look as good as the outside. thks guys for all your advice...
  12. reefnut

    anybody ever use this system for ATO?

    I know it's pricey but the water container is about the perfect size for what I need it for. I would have to get a custom one made anyway because of the space by my sump. I want it to look very neat and organized, plus you get all the bells and whistles lol. I am mainly looking for a review from...
  13. reefnut

    anybody ever use this system for ATO?

    I was thinking about trying the 10 gal system. C-Level Automatic Replenisher - C-Horse Systems, Inc. thks
  14. reefnut

    Water Changes

    i use a python to siphon 10 gal a wk. i mix my sw up a week in advance. i use a 30 gal brute can with casters and i use a rio 2100 to put the 10 gal back in. very easy takes about 10 min.
  15. reefnut

    ? about leather corals

    thks for your input guys.
  16. reefnut

    ? about leather corals

    do you think that there would be chemacial warfare if I mixed a yellow leather and a finger leather together side by side? i dont have much room to spread them out so they may touch from time to time. thks
  17. reefnut

    ? about chaeto

    awesome thats what i needed to know. thks you guys Rob
  18. reefnut

    ? about chaeto

    does it need any kind of acclimation at all or do you just toss it in as is
  19. reefnut

    ? about chaeto

    can chaeto ship safely in two or three days? will microorganism's survive? thks