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    Dottyback lover

    Has anyone ever kept a neon dottyback and an orchid
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    HELP! Specs please

    I know this is an old/older model skimmer. Can anyone give me the specs on it or point me in the right direction. 110 tank build.
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    110 gal H 0r 90 gal

    I have the Tank, stand ,canopy, sump and protein skimmer for my 110H build. I've been told by some the 30" height of the tank makes it difficult to clean, aquascape and ight penetration. Give me pros and cons of the 110H or should I just find a 90 gal?
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    For Sale

    I upgraded my RSM 130 to add aLlifereef overflow,Nextreef sump with a SWC skimmer so I have some parts that I don't need. Tunze 9002 skimmer with a upgraded skimmer cup, StevieT media basket and a Hanna phosphate checker used once. Everything else is a year old. will sell all for $150.00
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    Tunze 9002 skimmer and other related parts

    I have a RSM 130 that I just added a LifeReef overflow, NextReef sump and SWC protein skimmer . so I have some extra equipment that is taking up space. Tunze 9002 skimmer($131.42), StevieT media basket($43.99) & Upgraded cup($26.99) for the tunze and a Hanna phosphate checker($50.99). Willing to...
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    Darren's 130

    What camera are guy's using to take these beautiful aquarium photos? I need to take some good up to date photos of my tank. After much trial and error I am finally getting a take worth photographing.
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    ID this Brain

    Can someone ID this Brain for me please. It came in this piece of rock that I bought LFS didn't exactly know. Said a Brain of some kind.
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    Egg of some kind?

    Are these eggs or what? This is about the 3rd time something like this has shown up? It's not salt creep as they are inside the tank.I was cleaning out side when I saw them and just snapped a pic.
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    dMiles 130 Start-up

    CaribSea ARAG-ALIVE Black and presalted water from LFS Fishy Business SC. Turned on pumps waiting for it to clear. Pick up LR tomorrow. Is there anything else,lights,skimmer,etc that I suppose to run?
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    Skimmer Cup Fitment

    Got my Tunze 9002, inTank media rack & upgraded cup yesterday. It seem that the upgraded cup has a longer neck than the Tunze stock cup which makes the cup flop around. Is this normal or am i doing something wrong?
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    Skimmer Cup Fitment

    Setting up a RSM 130 that I bought used from my LFS(Fishy Business SC) I decided to do some upgrades beforehand. Ordered the Tunze 9002,inTank media basket, upgraded cup and a few other things. The neck on the upgraded cup is about an 8th of an inch longer the the Tunze cup. Is it supposed to be...
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    Record Keeping Software

    Hey Reefers Is there tank record keeping software out there that's user friendly. I just bought my tank a new(to me) RS 130 max. Got T9002 skimmer & ST media basket, ST upgraded cup,Hydor FLO rotating deflector, Jager TruTemp 150 heater (whew) and a few other essentials on order.I just need...
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    Hood hinge swap

    I have a RSM 130. Is it possible to change the hood hinges to that of the 130D. If not how do i do maintenance on the system?
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    New to me Red Sea Max 130D from SC

    Hello Guys. Came across what I thought was a good deal on a used Red Sea Max 130D from my local LFS. Will be setting it up next weekend. Hope all goes well.
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    Is a good place to order a tank from? As soon as I paint my front room(July 4 week). I will be putting together a 90 gal saltwater. Best place for a tank.
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    Greetings from Lexington,SC

    Hello people. New to the saltwater game. Trying to make a decision on my 1st saltwater tank. Leaning toward a 40 gal breeder for my upstairs man cave for my 1st then a 90 or 125 for the downstairs front room..Should I go new or try to find a used set-up for financial purposes. :bluenod::bluenod...