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  1. althea2you

    90 gallon oceanic tech tank for sale

    its a sad day but a happy one in the same sense. i am selling all my tanks :( but its to make room for the addition to our family we are planning on having! so baby number 4 will need this room i have my 90 in. I am located in the northwest suburbs of is a list of everything i...
  2. althea2you

    My new Clam

    hey everyone, just thought i would throw up a post of the clam i got. just got a top down shot of it... it would be better if i had an acrylic box.. but this will do! i love the aqua color on the tips and in the middle.. then the dark dark blue/black color and the filling of green!! HAHA!
  3. althea2you

    OT: HAPPY BIRTHDAY michael_cb_125

    your not a teeny bopper anymore!!! LOL.. i hope you have a great birthday!!!! and get some good stuff too!!!
  4. althea2you

    AGA 90g, stand and canopy for sale

    chicago land only, pick up only, $500.00 questions? PM me.... ok, my husband is selling his 90 gallon from work.. its costing to much to care for right now.. he has had it about 5 years or more... 500 dollars, for tank stand and canopy, lighting (FO lighting) and there is a wet/dry under...
  5. althea2you

    Picture difference on Imperator Angel

    here is our Imperator Angelfish... we have had him for wuite sometime.. got him as a YOUNG juvinile and is really starting to transform into an adult now.. since feruary this year he has made drastic changes! so cool to watch him morph like this! not GREAT pictures... but he loves to dance for...
  6. althea2you

    beware when filling your propane tanks....

    Anhydrous Ammonia Safety Alert - National Propane Gas Association check out the link... pretty scary...
  7. althea2you

    i would like to hook up my RO/

    i would like to hook it up down in the luandy room to the faucets back there? whats the easiest way to do that? what do i need to get in order to do that? i haver the hot faucet and a cold faucet both hooked up to my washer....what do i need for that area.. also for the RO/DI unit area? is there...
  8. althea2you


    I really only post the pictures in my chronicle... but not many see those... soo i thought i would throw them up in here!!! have a good weekend everyone! :D here is Shrimpy Doodles ;) i dont know how i came up with that name! :p here is a sponge i found in my 90....:D Here is my...
  9. althea2you

    quiet one 3000 pump for 90g?

    will that be enough flow? it puts out like 780 gph. this isnt for me, but for the person who bought my other tank. im helping him build a refugium and he bought a return pump... the rainbow Lifegard Quiet One Aquarium Pump 3000 so i was wondering if that was enough for a 90. thanks in advance!
  10. althea2you

    OT: any hidden talents out there?

    or hobbies you all like to do? i love photography and drawing... just thought i would share a couple! im in the process of a drawing of my son right now, ill post that when i finish!
  11. althea2you

    i got a new camera! woohoo!!

    lol... sorry! i am just way to excited! i got the Canon 40D... oh my gosh.. i love it! i have the 20D also, so this is a bit of an upgrade. i have had the 20D for 3 years and i scratched the sensor.. UGH! terrible... so before our vacation we wanted a new camera with no worries of having to...
  12. althea2you

    ID please! thank you!!!

    just curious if anyone knows what this is... thank you! oh, thats an average size paper clip in there for size..
  13. althea2you

    90 gallon and a school of anthias..yes? no?

    ok... i have been trying to get a list of fish i want.. and i definitly want some Anthias and wrasses... would a school of Anthias be a yes or no in a 90? if so.. how many? now that im thinking of it.. i dont think it will happen.. justy kinda doing the math in my head... but it would look so...
  14. althea2you

    Pics of my Nano

    i put these in my thread... but thought i would share them here as well... i just re-scaped the whole thing so i went on a picture tangent..have a LOT more than what i have here! LOL
  15. althea2you

    i need help with choosing bulbs

    ok, i have decided to go with the Tek-Lights the 8 bulb version... i need to know what bulbs i need, and where to place them... right now i have these three in mind... what else do i need... only have 3 and need 8! LOL PowerChrome, Actinic+ T5 Lamps by Giesemann PowerChrome...
  16. althea2you

    lighting fixture in a hood question

    can you do it? i am having some serious conflict about this... like i wanted the geismann thats in my 90 gallon chronicle... and supposedly we cant put that in a canopy... is that true?
  17. althea2you

    Sand bed calculator question

    OK.. i saw a chart somehwere and i cannot remember where.. some site that sold tanks... anyways.. it said for a 90g and a 3in. sand bed i would need 248 pounds of sand... i just did this calculator (scroll all the way down to find the sand bed calc.) here: Aquarium Calculator - Unit Conversion...
  18. althea2you

    Lighting help and skimmer help.. thanks!!! need to decide!

    ok.. i need to buy my lighting and i i was debating the solaris... but we are not going to go that route.. so the two i am looking at is this one TEK LIGHT T-5, 48" Light Fixture 8 x 54W lamps by Sunlight Supply* - AquaCave ok, this is a T5 unit, 8 lamps, individual reflectors... or...
  19. althea2you

    my new zoos! just had to share!

    i got this HUGE colony for 80 bucks....yeah baby!!! a closer look