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  1. reefnut

    anybody ever use this system for ATO?

    I was thinking about trying the 10 gal system. C-Level Automatic Replenisher - C-Horse Systems, Inc. thks
  2. reefnut

    ? about leather corals

    do you think that there would be chemacial warfare if I mixed a yellow leather and a finger leather together side by side? i dont have much room to spread them out so they may touch from time to time. thks
  3. reefnut

    ? about chaeto

    can chaeto ship safely in two or three days? will microorganism's survive? thks
  4. reefnut

    Red Sea C Skim 1200 question

    I was looking at the Red Sea C Skim 1200. Does anybody have one of these or have any information on them. Besides the info video's. I'd like to hear some feedback from you guys that own them, if there is any of you out there. Thanks, Rob
  5. reefnut

    refugeium question

    does anybody use these systems? If so what do you think of the quality, such as the protein skimmer And lighting system. any help would be appreciated. 30"X12"X22" Profuge Package W larger Orca 5"x22" needle wheel skimmer SKIMMER CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK! Please ask about alternate products...
  6. reefnut

    ? About Makeup Water

    How long can you store makeup water? What I wanted to do was make up 20gal and do 5 gal water changes a week. i would need a month to store it. will this work? besides evaporation. thks
  7. reefnut

    Sulfur Denitrator, Calcium Reactor, and Phosphate all in one

    I want to know what you guys think about this system. It's a Sulfur Denitrator, Calcium Reactor, and Phosphate all in one. Is it possible for it to work with out the CO2? I asked the guy that build these and his reply was how this works "It is a natural process that the live orginisums in...
  8. reefnut

    ? about calcium reactor

    does anyone know of some good links that has info on the pros and cons of going to co2 and how it works? thks
  9. reefnut

    Tunze DOC Protein Skimmer 9015

    I can get it at a good price. do you guys think it will be to much for my 65 gal I have about 13 fish some softies and lps corals about 30 all together. this is the skimmer I want because of its foot print and size. I just want to make sure it is not over rated because the are rated up to 396...
  10. reefnut

    ? about a skimmer bath

    can you run the skimmer in the sink when you are doing a vinegar bath? the mix is 50/50 correct? thks
  11. reefnut

    Protein Skimmer?

    I have a 65 gallon reef tank. The problem is my sump is 9 x 10. I really would like for the protein skimmer to be in the sump. What would be a good effecient protein skimmer for this size tank. I have soft corals and LPs. Thanks, Rob
  12. reefnut

    help ammonia and nitrite surge

    hey guys i had a power outage for about 16 hours with no oxygen. I just got back from vacation. the funny thing is everything looks great, all my corals and fish look fine but my ammonia is at 0 and my nitrite is at 0. will there be a surge?? I have a 65 gal reef tank only thing that tested out...
  13. reefnut

    chiller ?

    Which is better, a drop in chiller or a in-line chiller? thks
  14. reefnut

    Titanium heater

    Hi, has anyone ever used these titanium heater's by Finnex? Also is Fins Depot a good place to buy from? I'm looking to get a protein skimmer and other items along with this heater.Thanks
  15. reefnut

    ? about mounting fans

    which is better to mount fans from each end of the canopy with one blowing air in and one blowing the air out, or mount them in the top of the canopy blowing downward. I have a 48x18x15" tall canopy. Ill be installing retro 2x250 MH and 2x110 VHO. If you have any pics or advice do's and dont's...
  16. reefnut

    MH & protein skimmer ?

    Hi guys I'm going to be upgrading from a 65 gal to a 110 gal 48x18x30 soon. I will have soft corals, lps and clams, and I'm looking for a good MH system. do the HQI DE bulbs put out as much heat as the SE bulbs? how many watts would you guys recommend for this size tank?? I am also looking at...
  17. reefnut

    ? about testing

    when is the best time to test your tank? Is it in the morning or afternoon, or does it matter. thks
  18. reefnut

    ? about live rock

    Hi all , I bought 13 lbs of cured live rock today at my LFS 7.99 a lb. he said it was cured and it did smell good so I put it in my sump. how long before i notice if there is going to be a spike, a day a wk? and what do I need to do if i have a spike? my tank is a 65 gal with lots of coral and...
  19. reefnut

    ? about Pumping Xenia

    Do I need to acclimate my xenia to my tank? the reason I'm asking is because I have not had any luck with them. I have never acclimated them because I buy them from my LFS which is 15 min from my house, so I did not think I needed to according to my LFS guy.everything i have is doing great i...
  20. reefnut

    ? about water changes

    can you use Zephyrhills water to do a water change? the reason im asking is that I have alot left over from hurricain season last year. thks