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  1. Cougra

    Zoanthid Help

    Pictures would help if possible, however zoanthids don't have skeletons. They are a soft coral that will grow in a mat over any surface.
  2. Cougra

    Limestone In reef tank?

    Why do you want to use so much limestone rather then live rock? The main problem I see with using limestone is that it is more dense then live rock and you wont get benefits of the filtration that live rock can provide for you. The outside may appear the same over time, but it wont be the same...
  3. Cougra

    Mixing ASW - need advice please!!

    I'm in the camp that mixes the water at least a day before making a water change so that the salts have time to disolve properly and the pH has time to stablise. I've kept premixed saltwater for two weeks without noticing any problems or changes in readings.
  4. Cougra

    ? about Pumping Xenia

    I generally try to acclimatize for a minimum of one hour and if the SG is really different then about one hour for every 0.001 difference in SG.
  5. Cougra

    ? about Pumping Xenia

    All animals should be acclimatized. Xenia is known as a delicate shipper and it doesn't tollerate changes in water chemistry very well at all. When acclimatizing it, check the water that it was in at the LFS and compare the water to your tank. The greater the difference the longer it should be...
  6. Cougra


    Large Diatom blooms are generally an indication of the silicate levels in a tank as well. When you see the brown layer of diatoms they are actually the dead cells after a diatom bloom. As they decay inthe tank they release the silicates back into the water so that other diatoms can use it and...
  7. Cougra

    Specific Gravity Creeps Up ????

    If you are using the swingarm style hydrometer, when doing a water change make sure you do a comparison between the water in the tank and the makep water and mix the water to match. At best they are only good to help with consistancy, not with accurate SG readings like a refractometer would...
  8. Cougra

    Hydor koralia pumps

    I've just started using two Koralia nano's in my small 29H tank and am really impressed. I ended up removing the more conventional powerheads from the tank because those two pumps were more then enough for my needs. (I dont' have any really high flow demanding corals)
  9. Cougra

    OT: I need to vent

    My parents split after 29 years of mariage as well and it did take a little getting used to however in the case of my parents I amazed they stayed together as long as they did because they were misserable living together. Sometimes things like this can work out for the best and once things...
  10. Cougra

    My New Canon XTi

    Boozeman: The Speedlite 580 II (or something like that) Flash Gun is on my list for Christmas as well but I highly doubt I'll be getting it since my camera put my budget into a bit of a shamble! Stacy: I love photography as well and took over 10,000 pictures with a P&S that I hated (and...
  11. Cougra

    My New Canon XTi

    Thanks for the complements everyone. I'm still learning a lot with this camera and these are just me trying to figure out what I'm doing. I definately have a lot of photos that are really dark and a lot that are really over exposed but I'm slowly getting the feel of the manual settings...
  12. Cougra

    New Hitchhiker discovered in tank gone wild.

    I think that I have a possible ID on this one. I believe it's a Scypha ciliata sponge or something very similar to it. most of the ones I see online seem to be more like the smaller ones I have in other areas of the tank but this one I took the photo of must have found the perfect spot for it...
  13. Cougra

    New Hitchhiker discovered in tank gone wild.

    Oh good! I thought I was getting rusty in my ID's. No it doesn't move. I thought it was a type of sponge but the feathery stuff at the end makes me seriously doubt that possibility. I've considered a cucumber as a possibility but it does appear to be attached to the rock and the many smaller...
  14. Cougra

    New Hitchhiker discovered in tank gone wild.

    Due to some RL things that needed taking care of my saltwater tank was left on it's own for a few months. Now that things are starting to settle back into a routine and I was able to take a closer look at the saltwater tank and clear away some of the many types of algae from the tank I've come...
  15. Cougra

    My New Canon XTi

    This weekend I picked up my new camera. I got the Canon EOS Rebel XTi (400D) with a Sigma 17-70mm F2.8-4.5 Macro lens for my general purpose lens instead of the kit lens. I also got a 4GB CF memory card and a UV filter for the lens. I still have many more things to pick up but my credit card...
  16. Cougra

    OT: best wishes for Teresa (Mrs.Sasquatch)

    I'm sorry to hear that you were hurt Terrisa. I wish you the speedist of recoveries and hope you are enjoying the extra attention! You have a good man there.
  17. Cougra

    Camera lens help.

    Travis, would any of those lenses mentioned be good for landscape photography or should a more specialized wide angle lens be used? I've heard that the lens should at least cover the 17 or 18 mm range for good landscape photos.
  18. Cougra

    Would You Give Away Cheato?

    I tend to agree with people who think it was rude of him to ask for it free. I would stick to your guns and try to get something for it. It's well worth the price just for the time taken to go out of your way to deliver it somewhere.
  19. Cougra

    Feedback on camera systems

    I've seen the prices at but unfortunately they don't ship to Canada and doesn't carry cameras :( The prices of the Canon cameras and equipment is finally starting to drop so I think I'm going to end up getting the Canon XTi as well around January or so once my bank account gets...
  20. Cougra

    Feedback on camera systems

    Prow: I haven't seen the D50 around for sale. I'll defiantely do some research on it though. Aquaman: After looking at the price differences on the Canon TXi and Nikon D40X I started looking into the D80 and while it's $200 more for mostly the same equipment but the kit lens is 18-70DX ...