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    My BTA split!
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  6. Edwin


    Well it did split over the past two hours. So now I have two beautiful BTA!
  7. Edwin


    Hello, I have a question about my BTA. I am wanting to know how you know for sure if it is splitting, how long that it takes, and if I need to do anything? It looked huge and beautiful last night and today when I came home it had actually moved for the first time ever since I had placed it in...
  8. Edwin

    HOB Filter

    That's a GREAT ideas!! I will have to see about setting that up, I just do not know if I will have enough room to do so where my current tank is located. Thanks for the suggestion!!
  9. Edwin

    HOB Filter

    I am thinking of setting up a second salt water tank specifically for urchins and other creatures that I cannot keep in my reef tank. I was going to take one of my tanks that I had previously used as fresh water and just use all of the equipment I already have for the tank. Will using a HOB...
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  15. Edwin

    Aquaristik by Vertex

    It ended up clearing up over night. Thanks for reply!
  16. Edwin

    Aquaristik by Vertex

    I was wondering if anyone has used this for bonding? I used it a few weeks ago and did not really have any reactions except for the skimmer pulling off excess waste. I have now used it a couple hours ago and now I have millions of micro bubbles in my tank that do not really seem to be going...
  17. Edwin

    Plate Coral

    That is a fuzzy mushroom, the plate was looking like that before the mushroom was even in the tank. Also, the long spine that you see was not touching the plate or doesn't go around it. The plate still eats so that is what has me so confused.
  18. Edwin

    Plate Coral

    In the past 2 - 3 weeks one of my plate corals has changed it's looks. I have attached pictures of before and as of today. It will still eat when fed, tentacles do not come out very often. I have read many different things in other forums and I am at a loss. Any suggestions would be greatly...
  19. Edwin

    Ready to learn and share my experiences.

    Ready to learn and share my experiences.
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